Squashing PRs
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spudarnia@yahoo.com [nuttx]
2018-01-25 20:42:11 UTC
Some of you have noticed that I have been squashing all PRs that consist of multiple commits. That is something that I have to do because the commit history is full of stupid useless comments like "fixed a bug", "updated some comments", etc. Some PRs consist of dozens of commits.. some that succinctly address functionality but the rest garbage, micro-detailed steps on you way to the final implementation.

None of this is needed and makes my job impossible. I create the ChangeLog and the ReleaseNotes from the git log. For the NuttX 7.22 release the git log for the nuttx/ repository only was over 11 thousand lines long!!! It took me three miserable, full time days to generate more precise ChangeLogs and ReleaseNotes from the mountain of garbage in the GIT logs.

I started squashing PRs sometime before NuttX-7.23. For the 7.23 release, the nuttx/ git log was around 4 thousand lines. It still took me a full day to generate the ChangeLogs and ReleaseNotes but at least I did not contemplate suicide for multiple consecutive days.

So be forewarned ALL PRs will be squashed WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Some people have started asking me not to squash their PRs in the comments accompanying the PR text. I will ignore such requests. Please don't bother to ask; I will just disappoint you. All PRs will be squashed unconditionally.

Squashing PRs does raise one complexity when you rebase from the upstream master. It will really screw up the history in your local fork. And the history will be progressively and exponentially more screwed with each squashed PR. This can be relative easily fixed in your fork by rebasing using the --onto option after the PR has been merged as described here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35901915/how-to-rebase-after-squashing-commits-in-the-original-branch

If you have already rebased the squashed commit, then your fork has been damaged and I don't know of any way to repair it.